IWORS Conference 2020

Indonesia has comparative advantages with the wealth of natural resources, especially from the forest that are the potential to be utilized with the support of science and technology. With the shifting needs of the community and world climate conditions, dynamic forestry development policies, encouraging researchers to innovatively produce a variety of science and technology to be applied in the field. The innovations and development of sciences and technologies continue to be carried out to strengthen and provide benefits for people. One of the efforts is the synergy of information and R&D activities among researchers both at national and international levels.

ICFP 2020: 12th International Symposium of IWoRS was held as an international forum to bring researchers in Indonesia together with researchers/academician from abroad to exchange information and experience to develop R&D and cooperation networks. This conference raises the theme “Forest Products Processing Innovations for Communities and Sustainable Forest and Environment Management”

Sub Theme:

  1. Forest Products (timber dan non timber)
  2. Biomass Conversion and renewable energy
  3. Biocomposite and forest product nano technology
  4. Wood engineering
  5. Policy and Sustainable forest management

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Important Dates:
June 15-July 22, 2020 : Registration
June 15-July 22, 2020 : Subsmission of papers
July 23, 2020 : Announcement of papers received
August 8-14, 2020 : Revise of papers
August 23-28, 2020 : Revise of papers and preparation of powerpoint presentations
August 29-30, 2020 : Submission of final papers and powerpoint presentations